Day 3: Congress: Monday, November 11, 2019

General Session III: Far from the Shallow Now, Deep Dissection in MIGS


Monday, November 11, 2019


5:10 pm – 6:10 pm


Ballroom B and C


Cadaveric Dissection


Jubilee Brown, Amanda Ecker, Kate A. O’Hanlan


Pere N. Barri, Vito Chiantera, Javier F. Magrina, Audrey T. Tsunoda

Course Description

This course is geared to the dissection and identification of important retroperitoneal structures which all gynecological surgeons should be familiar with to facilitate pelvic dissection and avoid injuries. A basic dissection is the identification of the crossing of the uterine artery with the ureter, to assess its proximity to the cervix and avoid injury during hysterectomy, or even safely perform a uterine artery clipping when necessary. Deeper dissection will be provided so that gynecological surgeons will be able to identify and preserve pelvic side wall vascular and nervous structures. The pelvic autonomic nerves will be dissected, and adequately described during resection of uterosacral and parametrial ligaments applicable to the resection of DIE from the lateral pelvic peritoneum. For those willing to identify anatomical landmarks in urogynecology, this session will provide key elements for a safe and straightforward procedure, very far from the shallow now.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, the participant will be able to: 1) Describe the pelvic spaces, anterior, lateral and posterior with anatomical landmarks; 2) identify the superior and inferior hypogastric plexus and splanchnic nerves; 3) describe the technique to identify uterine artery and ureter crossing; and 4) discuss the different surgical approaches to significant anatomical landmarks (DIE, oncology and urogynecology).

Course Outline

5:10Welcome, Introductions, and Course OverviewJ. Brown, A. Ecker, K.A. O’Hanlan
5:15Robotic Dissection: Lateral Pelvic Dissection; Dissection of lateral posterior spaces and presacral SpaceA.T. Tsunoda
5:27Laparoscopic Dissection: Lateral Pelvic Dissection; Dissection of Presacral SpaceV. Chiantera
5:40Laparoscopic Dissection: Lateral Pelvic Dissection; Dissection of Space of RetziusP.N. Barri
5:52Robotic Dissection: Lateral Pelvic Dissection; Dissection of Anterior Lateral Spaces and Space of RetziusJ.F. Magrina
6:04Questions & AnswersAll Faculty