Day 1: Saturday, November 9, 2019

Expert Luncheon Roundtable Discussions

Saturday, November 9, 11:15am – 12:15pm

ENDOMETRIOSISFrozen Pelvis: Anatomical Approach to Obliterated Cul-de-Sac (FILLED)Mohammed A. Bedaiwy
ENDOMETRIOSISUnlocking Central Sensitization in Patients with EndometriosisAllyson Shrikhande
ERASERAS Standards Rule! (FILLED)Pamela L. Emeney
HYSTEROSCOPYPain Management and Local Anesthesia for Uterine Procedures - Hysteroscopy toMalcolm G. Munro
MEDICAL ETHICSCommunication and Resolution Programs: What They Are and Why They MatterThomas Gallagher
NEUROPELVEOLOGYNeuroanatomy of Pelvis: Avoiding Nervous Breakdown (FILLED)Sarah Choi
NEUROPELVEOLOGYNeuropelveology and Endometriosis (FILLED)Marc Possover
PAIN MANAGEMENTBotox, Nerve Blocks, and Implants, Oh My! (FILLED)Mario E. Castellanos
PAIN MANAGEMENTExperience You Can Trust: Multidisciplinary Pain Management Sergio Haimovich
PATIENT SAFETYBuilding Just Cultures for Harm EventsTed Anderson
PRACTICE MANAGEMENTBuilding a Successful Clinical Practice from the Ground UpAmber BradshawWhitear
PROLAPSE REPAIRPrevention and Repair of Apical Prolapse (FILLED)Erinn Myers
RESEARCHIncorporating Research into a Busy Clinical PracticeSarah L. Cohen
SEXUAL HEALTHFractional Lasers and Evidence-Based Treatment for GSM and Sexual Dysfunction (FILLED)Cheryl B. Iglesia
SURGICAL COMPLICATIONSGastrointestinal and Urologic Complications: Avoid, Recognize, and Repair (FILLED)Errico Zupi
SURGICAL STRATEGIESO.R. Efficiency, Team-Based ApproachDevin M. Garza
SURGICAL STRATEGIESSetting Your Patient Up for Surgical Success - Preoperative OptimizationMay S. Thomassee
TRAINING AND EDUCATIONSuccessfully Teaching Your Ob/Gyn Colleagues MIGSAmanda C. Yunker
TRAINING AND EDUCATIONTrainee Focused Learning-Optimizing Teaching Based on Learning StyleJames K. Robinson
TRAINING AND EDUCATIONTransitioning from Trainee to Trainer in the ORNicole M. Donnellan
UROGYNECOLOGYReconstructive Pelvic Surgery: Avoid, Recognize, and Repair Complications (FILLED)Revaz Botchorichvili