Day 2: Postgraduate Course - Sunday November 10, 2019

SUTR-707: Suturing in the Vertical Zone


Sunday, November 10, 2019


12:30 pm – 4:30 pm


Rooms 223-224


Didactic / Simulation

The ABOG MOC standards now allow participation in ABOG-approved Simulation Courses to meet the annual Improvement in Medical Practice (Part IV) MOC requirement. This course has been approved to meet ABOG Improvement in Medical Practice requirements until 12/31/2020.




Grace M. Janik, Charles H. Koh


Lydia E. Garcia, Jin Hee (Jeannie) Kim, Jamie Kroft, Grace Y. Liu, Luigi Fasolino, Leslie Po, Juan L. Salgado, Rajendra S. Sankpal

Course Description

Proficiency in suturing is mandatory for competence in advanced operative laparoscopy. The particular strength of the “Vertical Zone” algorithm is the applicability to real suturing in the pelvis, where most organs require transverse closure. Ergonomics associated with two hands on the same side for operating reduce physical strain on the operator, while being the most efficient technique for operating and suturing.

The progressive algorithm in the “Vertical Zone” has been taught and tested over many years in national and international courses. The pre-test and post-test results have consistently shown that over 90% of the participants who attend this course achieve tying an intracorporeal knot in less than 3 minutes.

Attendees will learn to apply suturing in cases including TLH vault closure, colposuspension, sacrocolpopexy, Burch, myomectomy, bowel, bladder, ureteral repair in endometriosis surgery and complications.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, the participant will be able to: 1) Explain the ergonomics, theory, and rationale for reproducible laparoscopic suturing; 2) Apply the skills learned relevant to gynecologic surgery, with incremental progression; 3) Apply skills acquired to management of bowel, bladder, and ureteral complications by appropriate suture repair; and 4) Demonstrate measurable improvement in laparoscopic suturing during the course pre- and post-test.

Course Outline

12:30Welcome, Introductions and Course OverviewG.M. Janik, C.H. Koh
12:35Pre-testAll Faculty
12:50The Vertical Zone including Drill AC.H. Koh
1:10LAB I: Drill AAll Faculty
1:40Explain Drill BC.H. Koh
1:50LAB 2: Drill BAll Faculty
2:40Post-testAll Faculty
3:00Video Examples: Introduce Expert Knotting, Continuous Suturing, CinchG.M. Janik
3:20LAB 3: Expert Knotting, Continuous, CinchAll Faculty
4:00Videos, Questions & AnswersAll Faculty